Runing Injuries


The world of running is experiencing a new boom. More and more runners are taking up the sport, running in the streets, parks, forests, and gyms.

Running yields clear and numerous benefits on health:

  • Positive impact on depression.
  • Physical fitness.
  • Muscular strength.
  • Obesity and others.

Moreover, it does not require the purchase or use of expensive equipment; it is possible to do it in different surfaces (sand, grass, asphalt, track, snow etc.), it does not require special abilities, it can be practised anywhere in the world and anytime, usually year round.

However, running has also a high incidence of related injuries. Many people start practicing running and then stop, being injuries the main reason not to run. Training errors, incorrect running pattern or technique, footwear, surface and warm-up are some of the main causes that causes of running injuries.

Benefits of RUNSAFER System

Most of the injury causes induce several biomechanical parameters to reach their limit values. By measuring those biomechanical parameters and giving a feedback to the runner (during running) in order to correct them when necessary, running injuries could be avoided. Moreover, such running injuries could be prevented suggesting personalized training programmes for the runner developed by experts in the field, and offering personalized recommendation based on runner pattern.

The development of RUNSAFER system will therefore help runners get injured less often, helping them:

  • To be more healthy,
  • Improving musculoskeletal health,
  • Controlling body weight and
  • Reducing high blood pressure, cholesterol, obesity, and stress.

...Make running safer and more attractive.



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