Project results

The device consists of a microelectronic measuring system capable of gathering biomechanical parameters that characterise the runner’s technique during a race. This information is wirelessly transmitted to the runner’s mobile phone and a mobile phone application provides real-time feedback, including level of performance and suggestions to change the running pattern or to stop running in case of detecting a high risk of injury.

The mobile app also has all the additional information provided by other commercial devices commonly used by runners such as heart rate monitor or GPS location.

In addition, the athlete will be able to transfer the generated running information to a web portal. This portal will generate personalised training plans, allow follow up of improvements and provide recommendations in order to prevent injuries and improve performance. Some of the extra contents will include recommendations on warming-up and cooling down, tips on how to improve the running technique and nutrition guidelines.

Moreover, this web includes web 2.0. functionalities allowing the user to be in contact with other runners worldwide and built and share contents (running routes, footwear info, etc.)

The main novelty of this new system compared to current running measuring systems for training is that it will be the first device to characterise the running technique from biomechanical variables and, together with information from the pulsometer, detect fatigue and give real-time recommendations.


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