The running system will consist in a measurement system embedded on running shoes, able to gather and transmit the main biomechanical parameters during running.

The information will be wireless transmitted to the mobile phone of the runner while running, where a mobile phone application will inform in real time the runner about the planned activity and performance achieved, suggesting modifications on the activity to change the running pattern in order to avoid running injuries.

The mobile phone applications will have the possibility to integrate additional worthy information as heart rate or GPS positioning provided by other commercial devices.

After the running activity, the runner will be able to download all the generated running information in a web portal, where services to manage such training info will be available. This web portal will allow:
  • Generation of training plans.
  • Recommendations and the follow up of the training improvements.
  • Web 2.0. functionalities, allowing the user to be in contact with other runners worldwide.
  • Built and share contents as running routes, footwear info, etc.

The general functionalities of the instrumented running shoe to be developed will be biomechanically optimum, high autonomy, low weight, long life and resistance against the normal use of the shoe.



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